The Other "F" Word


236 pages with 84 comics sputtered in there for fun! This book is for Teens & Up

AS OF 11/4/2018 !!!

288 pages with 184 comics—For ages 7 & Up

NOW AVAILABLE AS OF 11/4/2018!!!


**Does your Faith stink?

What does Faith look like, feel like and smell like? Do you even know if you have any Faith, or enough of it? Maybe your Faith is Funky, or you’ve had too many Faith Failures and now you need to Find Faith somehow, even if it’s under a rock!

We are SO humanly flawed in ALL aspects of our lives. But the ONE area where we are supposed to have NO DOUBTS—is in our Faith! Isn’t that something? We have to get it right, or pay the consequences in most any Faith.

So then, what does it mean to be “Faithful” and really-really mean it?

We’ve all seen Faith get expressed in the funniest and then most serious of circumstances—but who’s to say what’s really the right way?

This book serves as an identifier of sorts on how Faith gets seen, expressed, laughed at, hidden in embarrassment, and tossed out of the window when convenient. So this is a heap of the stuff we should and shouldn’t do, identify as and then deny, creep up to, and then scamper in the wind!

So have a look to see where you are at in your level of Faith and what you’ve born witness to. Then see if you can Fumble, Flap and Flip your way up to a different level of Faith. HOWEVER, along the way you’d better be prepared to laugh out loud, ask insane questions, mumble, feel deterred, get rejuvenated and then slap on your big girl (or man) panties, and suck up to Figuring your own Faith out! Oh, and enjoy some funny comics along your way in this book, The Other "F" Word!

So work is involved with this book, but the goal is to help give the letter “F” a better reputation so that it’s used more often in a sentence to reflect some Faith into the world instead of Flipping it off!

 **Got A Monster Under Your Bed?
**Have You Seen A UFO?

**Worry You'll Be Struck Down By Lightning By God?

Hold On—Ever Wonder About Anything?

Whew! Okay-Good! 

Diary Bloggers, Nina and Joe, have formed a “SECRET SOCIETY," where their opinions count the most! Everything from aliens to angels, they aim to put it through their odd, investigative filter to determine whether it’s “fickle” or not! 

Just before getting church-rules crammed down their throats, the Fickle Finders aim to figure out the mystery of the “F” Word seemingly embedded in the very walls of their Church! 

This mystery is SO far reached, it nearly seems unattainable since it's nothing they can hold in their hands, scratch, chew, kick, touch, smell or yell at!!! 

Nina and Joe are the “FICKLE FINDERS,” and this is their first investigation of many monstrous mysteries in this strange world of ours! 


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