The Other "F" Word

"F" Word

The “F” WORD


Remember, this site is FAR from squeezing shut ones mind or cheeks in anal retentive despair—so allow your eyes to grace these pages for a moment:


I think that I’ve left the mystery dangle in the air long enough and can tell you this: The answer to the “F-Word” riddle is: "FAITH"


So—did you get a lump in your throat, or what? Maybe you even got a sudden urge to close the site up?  Perhaps your eyes went into a rolling motion, fully uncontrolled by your knee-jerk reaction to that simple little “F” Word?


See why I momentarily hesitated to mention it at first? 


There’s SUCH a quick reaction to anything that even seems remotely “religious,” especially if you weren’t expecting it. Some people have a positive reaction, while a ton of us take a few steps backwards from the topic. But Faith and Religion can mean two different things for a lot of people.


The funny thing is, we ALL know that we think on the topic of our Faith at some point in our lives, or even on a daily basis. Some of us even try to avoid it because we believe if we don't think about it, then somehow things will be "okay" because we aren’t placing any judgment on it in our minds or lives. But at some point we do think about our Faith level and we feel bad about it all over again.


Well, allow me to open up a new line of talk on this topic so that we can all feel a little bit better about where we stand in our Faith.


There are different levels of Faith, where we might see Faith Flips, Faith Failures, or even Faith Fun. There are SO many different levels we reside at in our Faith, that to be honest, some of them are quite funny to witness!


We know the stuffy-traditional approach to Faith where we think, “That’s what having 'good' Faith looks like.” We also know the new approaches to Faith that some take where suddenly they are exploring the depths of another Faith as they dump their religious upbringing, all while their family looks on in horror!


I mean really. I’m not the only one who has seen this stuff and had a few good chuckles on it! Am I? But then again, I couldn’t blame people for doing what they felt was right for them to get closer to having a positive influence of Faith in their lives.


When it comes to our Faith, we all go through stages, stall at stages, flunk a stage or gain a stage in Faith! This site is to put that Faith thought out there and also to present a funny but painfully honest perspective of Faith that I know can be helpful for any of us trying to Figure Faith out!


If you’ve seen any of my odd Faith comics floating out there, then you’ve got an idea of my more than active sense of humor. Though my writing is nearly as silly as my comics, luckily the core of my work shows the truth in my goals.


So allow me to present to you my writings and a movement that I hope inspires you in more ways than I dare to count. So flip on over to the other pages on this site, join my group and/or check out a book, or two!

NOTE: Also, though I am Christian and I speak of having Faith from a Christian perspective—Faith is universal and applicable to ALL beliefs that are positive for the One God.

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